are you bisocial?

do you find yourself switching between social interaction paradigms, hanging with the cool crowd for a while, then taking refuge in online role-playing games when no one is around? do you feel like you need to conceal parts of yourself, being careful to not let on that you have a social life when you're at work, never mentioning your latest hack at the bar? are you constantly pulled in different directions, never quite sure where you fit in?

frequently asked questions about bisociality

books for geeks

geeks read books. the usual suspects are in this bibliography but here's some relatively obscure books that I have read (or that bill has read) with that geeky je-ne-c'est-quoi.

alan mendelsohn, the boy from mars   daniel pinkwater
archy & mehitabel   don marquis
autobiography of red   anne carson
the collected short stories of roald dahl   roald dahl
creation   gore vidal
crime & punishment   fyodor dostoevsky
the dictionary of the khazars   milorad pavic
first love, last rites   ian mcewan
the flying sorcerers   larry niven and david gerrold
geek love   kathleen dunn
the giver   lois lowry
the glass bead game hermann hesse
golden gate   vikram seth
haroun and the sea of stories   salman rushdie
in the suicide mountains   john gardner
invisible cities   italo calvino
labyrinths   jorge luis borges
native tongue   suzette haden elgin
a perfect vacuum   stanislaw lem
the pollinators of eden   john boyd
the secret diary of adrian mole, aged 13 3/4   sue townsend
shrinklits   maurice sagoff
shroud of the gnome   james tate
utopia   thomas more
the wasp factory   iain banks
war with the newts   karel capek

amusements, visual & verbal

watch your favorite element flash by in tom lehrer's classic song. ... learn more with the periodic table of haiku. ... take the red pill and let moopheus show you the true nature of the meatrix, and then do something. ... for more armed bovines check out cows with guns. ... it might be time to switch to linux. ... or maybe you should move to iceland instead. if you're an ubergeek or a slashdot zombie you'll be willing to pay 25 cents to find out what happens to geeks in love. ... let your inner cubist out with mr. picassohead. ... according to swami beyondananda the only way to overcome gravity is levity, like his 2003 state of the universe address. ... here's a funny thing that you can buy. ... if you like the moon or things that don't make any sense you'll love the moon song. (ps: the moon song is way less cool now that it has been turned into a tv commercial for a sub shop.) ... find out your cyborg name. ... want to know how they make it? take a factory tour. ... admit it, you want to play with cool math toys.

nerds, geeks & dorks

started out as my links page but after upgrading my website statistics I realized that this page gets a large number of hits from people searching on nerds/geeks/dorks etc. I'm in the process of adding content -- in the future I hope to answer that critical question: "what is the difference between a nerd, a geek and a dork?" in the meantime, the jargon file offers these definitions of nerd and geek.

find out where you fall in the geek hierarchy. I prefer the unabridged version.

comments & suggestions can be sent via this form.

nerds, geeks & dorks

bill sethares
andrew bachmann
michael barrish
john bell*
maria k. bell
orelia busch
scott cohen
richard dearden
donna ginther
mary lucking
jason mcmahon**
robin morris
jessica montgomerie
una may o'reilly
ian ramsey
david reiley
siobhan reilly
scott reynen
andrea sprinkle &
nathan williams


economists who should have known better than to let me have a ph.d.

stephen durlauf
buz brock
blake lebaron
larry samuelson

people I knew in high school or college who now work in alternative energy

halden field
peter curtiss
eric thompson

as a matter of fact, it is rocket science

NASA ames research center


science @ NASA

tour the NASA Ames Research Center with Flat Pat

complex systems

the primordial soup kitchen

the santa fe institute

agent based computational economics